September 3, 2017

Looking to Rent? (The Complete Guide)

It’s finally that time, you graduated college, you’re out in the real world. You’re looking for a place to live that’s YOURS. Not a college dorm or […]
August 26, 2017

Improve Your Home in Minutes!

Why aren’t these open houses working? Do we need to find a new Realtor? Should we drop the price? Do people not like the interior furnishings? […]
August 24, 2017

The Keys To Selling

It’s your checklist Sellers! Here are the keys, tips, advice, must-do’s, details you’ve been looking for. I provided this link for one purpose, to specifically make […]
August 22, 2017

The Fantastic Naples Real Estate Market

One of the best cities in the world for Real Estate, Naples, Florida. Find out all the information and specifics you need on the link below. […]
August 16, 2017

The Best Real Estate Secrets!

Here are 10 secrets you need to know – From Real Estate Agents! Below is an article that shares details and tips for home buyers and […]
May 10, 2016

How to Sell FAST

SPEED= the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate. We have no patience. We want thing fast, we want them quick, […]