What’s Your Dream?

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August 27, 2017
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August 29, 2017

Follow Your Dreams and Passions!

Basketball is a passion of mine, not to mention my childhood dream. Just being apart of the game, whatever that was through playing, coaching, assisting, broadcasting, etc. was something I could always see myself doing.

As a young kid I even broadcasted a live NBA game for the Miami Heat and was an original “KidCaster”. To make it even better, a couple of years ago the Heat called me back to be on the local network once again. I’m an avid Basketball fan to this day. I can’t get enough of every single dribble and move made on the court. I even co-host a sports radio show currently. My expertise on the show is no other than…you guessed it, Basketball.

My favorite athlete and celebrity role model of all time is Dwyane Wade. He reminds me of my childhood and the love I had for it as well as for the game I love.

Now, Real Estate has become a dream of mine and Basketball is a passion and something I will forever throuroughly enjoy.

What’s your dream? What’s your passion? Talk to me. Let’s converse about what’s important to you. How does your hobby or interest help you in life? How does it make you feel talking about it or participating in it? Follow your dreams and always keep that passion along the side, if it makes you happy it’s worth it!

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